OfficeXpress legal courier services' main attention is on meeting the needs of the legal community. Our knowledge of the Courts, the Judges, the Counties makes us very effective in what we do.

We provide legal courier services that include court filings, obtaining a judge’s signature, securing an immediate court date as well as subpoena deliveries etc. All these are done in a timely manner.

OfficeXpress Couriers - "When it has to be FILED FAST"!!
Service Price* Description
Standard Delivery $9.00 Pick up and delivery in about 30 minutes - Zone One only
Legal Filing Service $9.00 + any costs or $10.00 + any costs depending on the service requested Free pick up, filing, and return of documents same day. Good for Supreme, City, Federal, and Bankruptcy Courts, Erie County Clerk, Surrogates Court, Judgments, having Orders Signed
Other legal services varies Tax and water bill searches, dba, corp, case search, process service.
Rush Fee Double Any job considered rush or late day filing or delivery - After 3:00PM for filing and 4:00PM for deliveries.
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